A tourist visiting New York City stopped and asked a local how to get to Carnegie Hall. The local responded: “Practice, Practice, Practice”.

In a legal practice, experience is immeasurable in getting you where you need to be. James Lofstrom has been practicing since October, 1982. His roots and education are all embedded in St. Paul where he grew up and attended public schools and was graduated from Hamline University and Hamline School of Law. Upon receiving his law license, he moved to the southern Twin Cities metro area where he has lived and worked ever since. He has practiced out of the same office building since April, 1988.

Experience and stability. You can count on him to be there for you.

Jim is married and has three daughters and four grandchildren. When he is not doting on his grandchildren, he enjoys playing a little golf, reading, movie watching and working in and around his home.

After practicing with colleagues for a few years, he felt he could better represent his clients by starting a solo practice. That was in April, 2000 and was the genesis for Lofstrom Law Office, P.A.

In my solo practice, I make a concerted effort to reduce the cost of representation. With a hands-on approach as an attorney, along with new technology in computers, law office management programs, digital files, and numerous ways to communicate, I can bring additional benefits to my clients.

With Lofstrom Law, you’ll receive a personalized style of representation. For example, when you call, Jim answers the phone. You have direct access to your attorney. There is no screening of your calls, as if one has to qualify to speak with his or her attorney. All aspects of your case are handled by Jim; you always have direct contact with him.

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