Welcome to the Lofstrom Law Office, P.A. website. You are probably here because you have a legal problem and are comparing this web site with other sites in deciding who you want to call. Good for you. That is what you should do. Research an attorney as you would for any other service or product.

In reviewing my website, if there is only one thing you take away from it is that most attorneys can help solve your problem but how that attorney gets you there is the key. For there are many paths that can be taken ….. and not all of them are good ones.

What approach will be taken? Will it be a scorched earth approach or one of compromise and reconciliation? In truth, most cases are not won or lost; they are simply resolved. This is especially true in family law cases, which is to the betterment of the parties and their children, if any.

In that regard, an attorney needs to be objective in his counsel. For in all disputed cases, each side has a legitimate argument to present.

Will the attorney tell you only what you want to hear – perhaps with some self-interest in mind – or counsel you on all that you need to know – even if it is to your dislike.

The cost of representation – the cost to solve your legal problem – is also an important consideration. In most cases, attorneys charge on an hourly basis and those rates vary widely. Even total fees can vary widely between similar hourly rates because of the differing ways attorneys charge for their time.

Lastly, the level of rapport between you and your attorney cannot be overemphasized. If you are in need of legal services, more than likely you are worried and confuse, and even afraid. These understandable anxieties can be better handled when you have a close working relationship with your attorney, including direct communication with, and access to, him or her.

No website, no matter how polished and inviting, can address these considerations.

You need to take the next step and schedule an appointment as part of your selection process.  And it should be at no charge. After all, you cannot return the “product” for a refund if you don’t like what you hear and see.

This office offers you that opportunity. Just call!  You may be surprised when attorney Jim Lofstrom personally answers your call. You may consider that a refreshing start to your search for an attorney to represent you.

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